Victory at Trafalgar
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HMS Victory at Trafalgar
Victory at Trafalgar
The Battle of Trafalgar - Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson's finest hour - 21st October 1805.

The picture above shows the moment when, unable to return fire on her approach, the battered and bloodied HMS Victory finally breaks through the enemy line with a thunderous broadside, splintering the stern of the French flagship Bucentaur into a thousand pieces. The Victory then rammed the French Redoubtable, the two ships exchanging broadsides at point blank range.

This was the moment that Nelson, mortally wounded by a French marksman, was taken below. Through the billowing clouds of smoke it was difficult to tell friend from foe, as the great ships blazed away at each other that fateful afternoon. The French and Spanish guns began to slacken and eventually fell silent. Before he died, Nelson learnt of his great victory over the combined fleets, and knew his duty was done. He had put and end to Napoleon's imminent invasion of England's shores.


HMS Victory - Final Voyage
Final Voyage.
First light, English Channel, December 1805.

In the aftermath of the great Battle of Trafalgar, rough and ready repairs were made aboard the war torn HMS Victory in readiness to bear the broken body of England's victorious hero, on his final voyage home.

This picture shows HMS Warrior, towing Nelson's battered Flagship homeward.



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